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Open Workshop - Will Start Again After the FLL Wrap Up Party in a Few Months

Who: Kids of all ages (0-) are invited! This can't be done without your help! We need volunteers to help make this possible. Click here to sign up!

Cost: First session is free for all and included with a STEAM On Membership after the first session! 

What: Open Workshops are held on Monday Mornings and Thursday afternoons and evenings, and aim to provide STEAM experiences for all age groups. We will have many different activities being held in the workshop at any given time. One of these are the Deconstruction Zone, which offers an opportunity to reverse-engineer many different electronic objects. During the Summer Months of 2018, we are offering a different theme every week (Spy Week, Future Week, Outside Week, etc.). Another program is the Robotics Workshop which will provide an opportunity to gear up for the upcoming Robotics Competition Seasons seasons. To learn more about our robotics programs, click here.

Where: We are currently in the progress of finding a new home for Robotics Club. Our new location will be announced soon. If you know anyone with commercial space available, please Contact Us!

When: STEAM On wants to make the Open Workshop available to as many people as possible, this is why we are working on a schedule to accommodate as many people as possible. Further schedule for March, 2019 and beyond will be announced soon.

Why: The primary goal of the Open Workshop is to provide a preparation period for students and mentors who are wanting to be part of a Robotics Competition. We aim to equip said students and mentors with the knowledge and tools that they need to succeed in their upcoming competitions.

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