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What We Do:

          The primary goal of STEAM On is to provide an unsurpassed experience for many different robotics and tech-related programs including FIRST® LEGO® League Explore, FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC), FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC), WRO, VEX and others. We host summer camps and fun weekly events for kids of all ages. These events are led by students who participate in the various robotics competitions and supervised by STEAM On certified instructors.

          In addition to the robotics aspect of STEAM On, it will also include programs about cool technology. Some examples of these are Arduino/Raspberry Pi classes, coding classes, server administration classes, etc. These will be primarily led by volunteers from the community, however, people who participate in the Robotics competitions may help if they have knowledge about the course. STEAM On will provide high quality robotics programs for Kindergarten through 12th grade students because STEAM On will have experienced mentors and coaches, as well as superior facilities. Because STEAM On is not associated with any particular school, it fosters new friendships between students from all schools in our area, including home-schools and charter schools.


          We have identified one pressing issue:  it is really hard to get mentors and coaches involved in being adult leaders because they often make up many excuses like “I don’t know anything about robots”, or “I don’t know anything about FIRST® LEGO® League or Coaching”. This brings us to another compelling goal of STEAM On which is to train coaches and mentors, and provide them with a strong support network and the materials that they need to be successful.

Join STEAM On as a participant, volunteer, instructor or financial supporter, and let's Build our Future together.

Who We Are:

Peter Kamp



*Committed to building a better community through robotics

*Member of award-winning FLL teams 6 years in a row

*Member of award-winning FTC team and mentor to other teams

Shelley Kamp

Assistant to the Founder

*Supporting player in STEAM On.  Determined to bring STEAM to the community

*Business owner, Girl Scout leader, and Coach/Mentor of award-winning FLL teams 5 years in a row, as well as FLL Jr. and FTC teams.

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