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Home Hydroponics On - Finished

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Hydroponics is a type of hydroculture in which plants are grown, without soil, utilizing mineral based solutions suspended in water. Drought, food shortages, natural resource degradation, high levels of greenhouse gas emissions and further waste accumulation are fundamental issues that we as living beings must face to survive on Earth, in space and on other planets. Hydroponics, and other hydroculture systems, have the potential to grow foods, medicines, fibers and other materials reducing their productions contribution to a these issues, while informing our response to them.


Home Hydroponics On is a 10 week, three stage, program in which Steam On members are invited to utilize STEAM principles throughout the design and construction of hydroponic systems. Participants will work to create prototypes of hydroponic systems with the goal of producing food, medicine, fibers or other materials focusing on upcycling, automation and beauty. The group will present their findings and prototypes at the Linn County Fair.


Stage One: Rapid Prototyping

Steamers will work together to gain an understanding of hydroponic systems and establish what they would like to produce before individually utilizing found materials to create a rapid prototype;  informing experiments and models to come.


Stage Two: Formal Prototyping

Next Steamers will reflect on the successes and failures of their Rapid Prototypes, focusing on the environmental inputs that affect growth and production. Once these factors have been identified they will work in small groups to incorporate sensors and mechanisms into their designs culminating in an automated prototype.  

Stage Three: Production Modeling

Finally Steamers again reflect on success and failures this time focusing on creating something beautiful. As a group Steamers will decide on an intended purpose and location for the final model, or models, ensuring it blends seamlessly into its environment and serving more than its intended purpose.

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